Keino Uelze


  • General consulting and development of efficient IT solutions in close collaboration with the YOU.
  • Performance of IT projects and training
  • Design of systems and/or software to meet the defined solution requirements.
    • Client/Server Solutions (e.g. web based applications)
      • Design and development of complex web applications according to J2EE technology. (Resin-EE and Tomcat)
      • Development of distributed applications with web services in Java and .NET technology.
      • Prompt development of simple web applications in languages like: Perl, PHP, SSJS and ASP
      • Consulting and design of standard compliant and future-proof web performances.
    • Desktop applications
      • Development of desktop applications for all win32 systems in C++ and within .NET C#
      • Development of desktop Java applications
    • Databases:
      • Oracle
      • Postgre SQL
      • MySQL
      • MS Access